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17August 2020

In my practice, I've seen lots of clients with neck pain who have actually tried shots, tablets, rest and chiropractic treatment with no benefit. The good news is that there are reasons why these treatments stop working, and there is something that has outstanding success in resolving neck discomfort and

signs that come along with it. The reasons tablets, shots and the rest do not work long-lasting is because they are not addressing the reason why the neck pain is taking place in the first place. So, while these treatments can be helpful momentarily since they attend to the symptoms you are having, long-lasting, they are not fixing what's causing the neck discomfort.

Similarly, chiropractic treatment can be useful at first for some individuals, but it is just dealing with part of the factor for the neck pain– which is why many people who get chiropractic treatments end up seeing their chiropractic physician for months or years, and after that ultimately the chiropractic treatments lose their efficiency.

The factor for this is that numerous chiropractic practitioners address incorrect positioning of the neck vertebra by forcing the vertebra back into position (splitting your neck). While this can be useful, the problem is that the muscles along your spinal column were made to support the positioning of your spinal column.

So, if you continuously require the vertebra into position, however don't enhance the muscles that keep the spine in the position in which it was created to be, the alignment of the vertebra simply keeps coming out of position. This is why you see people that utilize chiropractic services return for months or years of treatment and lastly discover that even that no longer assists their neck discomfort.

Physical treatment takes a various method. We examine your neck and surrounding areas to discover what muscles are tight, which ones are weak, along the spine, along with what vertebra in the neck are out of position. We fix the vertebra positioning in the neck (much like chiropractic care) but then we manually extend the muscles that are tight along the spinal column, and restore strength to the muscles that are weak along the spine and surrounding locations.

Bring back the flexibility and strength to the muscles that support the neck/spine is in fact what keeps the neck vertebra in location. This keeps you from having to return to see your physical therapist for months or years; you must be made with physical treatment within 4-8 weeks, and then as long as you stay up to date with the exercise you are given, you shouldn't require to keep returning for physical therapy for months or years.

If you are tired of suffering with neck discomfort for months or years and are prepared to eliminate it, call today for your one-on-one complimentary screen at 717-245-0400. Among our expert therapists will listen to the problems you are having and tell you the next finest step to take to fix your neck pain now!

For more information on how to see your physiotherapist first and get back to doing the things you require, desire and love to do, visit our site at, where you will discover information about knee, back, foot, neck and shoulder pain.

Steve Miller is the owner of Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy, which specializes in assisting individuals ages 35 to 70-plus. His column will appear bi-monthly in the Thrive area of the Sentinel and on


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